Apron Feeder Pans

Apron Feeder Pans

Apron Feeders are used to extract or feed large, lumpy, abrasive and heavy ores under severe impact conditions – including wet, sticky or frozen operations. OPM Heavy Equipment cast manganese pans are industry proven to be the best pan for moving hard abrasive materials. They are superior to fabricated and alloy steel pans in toughness and fatigue strength. The wear surfaces on OPM’s manganese pans, which are subject to impact and high stress abrasion, work harden to a hardness over 400 BHN for long wear life.

OPM’s apron feeder pans are made from a modified grade of manganese steel. Extremely high toughness is common in this alloy which ensures that the pans will not fail during extreme service conditions. This material is capable of work hardening while in service and can provide extended service life, especially over fabricated pans. Extensive inspection and preassembled sections of conveyor assures that all links fit and work properly together. All of this combined with OPM’s warranty for fit, performance and customer satisfaction leads to a winning combination.

Proper Fit, Smooth Articulation
Our apron feeder pans, for all makes of feeders, are designed and specified by our in house engineers to be superior in fit, finish and function to those generally available in the marketplace. Our pans are identical due to our extensive use of jigs and gauges. You can expect Boundary pans to be properly fit with tight articulation because of their straightness and dimensional consistency.

OPM’s Apron Feeder Pan Suit

Metso, Krupp, FFE Minerals, Sandvik, Telesmith and others