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OPM Heavy Equipment

OPM HEAVY EQUIPMENT in its beginning, started repairing a wide variety of Machines for Construction. Then we start offering Field Service support for mining operations, for equipment repair and maintenance. OPM Heavy Equipment specialized in manufacturing electric shovel parts, crusher wear parts,blasting hole drills parts ,heavy duty trucks and off-highway trucks parts .We have been supplying solutions for our clients. OPM HEAVY EQUIPMENT has been providing clients with quality and reliable repair work at great prices!

More Durability

Use new material and technology,OPM’s parts is 20-40% more durable than other foundries.

More Professional

As a rich experience casting foundry,OPM has over 30 years in electric shovels parts, crusher wear parts, blasting hole drill parts, heavy duty trucks and off-highway truck parts markets.

Less Expensive

Because of standardized and scale production,our products are less expensive compared to other foundries.

USA Quality Control

As a USA foundry, all of our parts are casted based on USA quality control systems.

Feature Products

Crusher Wear Parts

Crusher Wear Parts

Dipper Parts


Shovels Parts

Blasting Hole Drills

blasting hole drills

Carlisle Brake & Friction

Carlisle Brake & Friction

Crusher Mechanical Parts

Track Link

Track Link

Truck Parts


Undercarriage Parts