Shovels Parts Foundry

OPM Heavy Equipment Sale and distribute parts for Mining Equipment, is a leading after-market supplier in the Mining Industry. We are the OEM alternative for Shovels parts. The experience that we have collected from the field allows us to continuously upgrade the specifications and manufacturing methods, allowing us to improve the performance and value of our replacement parts. We are continuously researching ways to extend the service life of equipment and improve its productivity and reliability, while trying to reduce our customer’s maintenance costs. We are driven to help our clients reach their lowest costs in both operations and management.

OPM USA, is one of the most reliable supplier for replacement Mining Parts. Our offer includes parts for all Electric Rope Shovels used on Mining. Our products meet or exceed the life for the component.

Our offer include:

  • Pins and Bushings: Overlays Pins, Induction Hardened Alloy Pins, Forged Bushings, Peened Bushings and Manganese Pins.
  • Racking: We are able to supply Racking for all Shovels, 1600 to 4100 Series, we can offer individual sub-components as well as manufacture a complete Gear Rack Assembly in Both Manganese and alloy steel.
  • Gears, Pinions and Shafts: All this components are manufactured with the most sophisticated technology to supply a precision product providing the best quality, longest lasting components and replacement parts. We are capable of producing and verifying tolerances from  AGMA 8 to AGMA 15.
  • Undercarriage components: Rollers Lowers, Shoes, Tumblers, Rear Idler Rollers, Front Idler Rollers, Pins and Shafts.
  • Electric Components: Thrystors, Diode, Fuses, Heat Sink, GUI Screen, Brush, Brush Holders, and others.
    Mechanical Components: Couplings, Bearings, Seals, Filters, Brakes, Super nut and Super Bolts and others.
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